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Wool & Honey



a family farm nestled in the Catskills of New York State


About Our Honey

Beeswax Candles & Products

Our bees gather nectar from nearby flowering plants, shrubs and trees. Our farm is situated on over 140 acres of forests and meadows, so there is plenty of foraging for the bees.




The worker bees bring the natural nectar back to the hives-which is then collected and aged in small cells throughout the hives. Essentially, the bees work together as a big team--including drones, workers, and the queen--to collect and store honey as food for the winter, and to breed and produce additional worker bees. You may be surprised to find out that the average bee lives less than a month.

We remove the honey supers (the section of the hive the bees put the honey in) each fall. We leave some honey behind for the bees to eat, and we also supplement their food supply with sugar water. Extracting the liquid honey from the supers is a time-consuming task. First, the wax which seals the honey in the comb must be removed with a hot knife. Then, the uncapped combs are placed in a round extractor, which is spun at a high speed until the honey runs out through a spout into our waiting buckets.

Then we have to strain, bottle and label the honey, and get it ready to sell!

The wax which is removed from the honeycomb is also useful. We melt it down, and make beeswax candles either by hand-dipping or pouring into molds. (See the column to the right for more about our candles.)

We also sell hand-dipped and hand-molded beeswax candles. They have a sweet fragrance, and burn longer and cleaner than other candles, giving off more light.
  • Hand-dipped pair of six-inch or twelve-inch tapers





  • Hand-molded Santa candlessanta_can_sm.jpg (2344 bytes)
  • Hand-molded beehive candles beehive_can_sm.jpg (3748 bytes)
  • Hand-molded bear candles bearcan.JPG (1957 bytes)
  • Hand-molded tree candles greentree.JPG (1798 bytes)

For pricing and ordering information, please visit our order page.



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