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a family farm nestled in the Catskills of New York State


Our Sheep Sheep and Lambs for Sale
The main breeds of sheep we raise at Sheepy Valley are Horned Dorsets, and Romneys.
Horned Dorset ram

Horned Dorsets are a rare breed, noted for producing high-quality milk in addition to excellent wool and meat. Both the ewes and the rams have horns. The Dorset is thought to have originated in Spain, and is considered a large breed.


Romneys are noted for their long, lustrous fleece, highly desired by handspinners. Their fleece, which can weigh up to 10 lbs., is often white, but can include natural brown, silver and charcoal colors. The Romney is a very common breed, often raised in New Zealand.

At Sheepy Valley, we usually breed our sheep so that they lamb in both the spring and fall. We own registered rams for each of the above breeds. Our newest ram, a Horned Dorset, was brought from Virginia, as this breed is not common in the U.S.

Early spring lambs

The average ewe has twins, while single births and triplets are less common. The new lambs are with their mothers for two or three months, before we separate them to be raised for replacement ewes, 4-H projects, or meat. Lambs are usually ready for butchering at 100 lbs., roughly four to six months of age.

All of our sheep are sheared in March, and the Romneys are often sheared again in the fall. Our shearer comes from Pennsylvania, and we invite many friends and neighbors on shearing day--it's fun to watch, and handspinners come by to choose fresh fleeces.

Our sheep produce wool, meat, lambs and lots of manure to make our garden grow. Take a look at each of the breeds to the right.

At various times we have a limited number of registered Horned Dorset and Romney ewes for sale. Occasionally, we also have registered rams for sale. Take a look at a photo of each breed below.
  • Horned Dorset   horned2.jpg (13575 bytes)
  • Romney   romney.jpg (4585 bytes)

In addition, we sell lambs to children and teenagers interested in raising a lamb for a 4-H project, or any other activity. Our lambs have been shown successfully at local fairs, and have won many ribbons for their young owners.









Lastly, we sell meat for your freezer, which is processed at a federally inspected facility. We can sell you an entire lamb dressed and packaged, or individual cuts of meat. Meat can be picked up at the farm, or delivered locally.

If you are interested in any of the above--ewes, rams, lambs or meat, please contact us.


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