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Wool & Honey



a family farm nestled in the Catskills of New York State


Wool Products

Wool Yarn

Each spring we used to shear approximately 50 sheep at Sheepy Valley. We then would send our freshly shorn wool to a small Maine mill, Bartlett Mills.  In business since 1821, Bartlett is the oldest mill in the U.S. The wool is cleaned, carded, dyed and spun into yarn, which we then sell directly to our customers. Although we no longer have sheep, we still have yarn in stock from our previous flock!

We offer 4 oz. skeins of two-ply fiber, which produces 210 yards of yarn per skein. Because they are spun on Bartlett's woolen system, they have a softer twist and more bloom than worsted-spun yarns.  Therefore, our 2-ply yarns knit up to the same gauge as 4-ply worsted.  A #8 knitting needle will produce approximately 4 1/2 stitches per inch.

To the right are photos of wool we currently carry, including both dyed and natural yarns. Please click on the small thumbnail for a larger photo. Since computer monitors and home lighting varies, the actual yarn color may be slightly different than what you see. If you would like to see the actual wool fibers before you place your order, we'd be happy to send you a wool sample card. Simply fill out our contact form to request one.

To order, please use our online order form

Wool roving

We also sell roving, ideal for spinning or crafts. This raw wool is cleaned and carded and remains its natural color--white, shades of grey, silver or brown.

Lastly, we offer cheesecloth-covered battings containing cleaned and carded wool. These are ideal for quilt making or comforters.

Wool Batting

To order, please use our online order form

    Click thumbnails to enlarge!
    Glen Tweed Colors
    gold heather goldsm.jpg (3491 bytes)
    raspberry rasm.jpg (2805 bytes)
    Catskill Colors
    lake blue
    mountain green
    mountain berry
    mountain laurel mlsm.jpg (2125 bytes)
    blue loch
    thistle thsm.jpg (2566 bytes)


    larsm.jpg (2380 bytes)
    Fisherman Colors
    dark sheep grey dsgsm.jpg (2562 bytes)
    light sheep grey lgtgreysm.jpg (2948 bytes)
    oxford oxsm.jpg (2303 bytes)
    natural na2sm.jpg (2234 bytes)
    green heather ghsm.jpg (2448 bytes)
    lilac heather
    blue heather
    light heather
    midnight blue mbsm.jpg (2277 bytes)


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